Mass arrests in the ranks of the organizers of the coup in Turkey

Said Turkish Justice Minister Bozdag Bakr on Saturday July 16, 1563 from military detention in various parts of the country, against the backdrop of a failed coup attempt carried out by the military on Friday evening.

In the latest developments , Turkish sources confirmed that 200 soldiers of the organizers of the coup, they were in control of the headquarters of the Turkish General Staff, surrendered to the army command, that have been isolated 34 of the Turkish military leaders , including five generals on charges of involvement in the coup attempt, it has also been shut down Chief of Staff of the Army Aegean region Gen. Mamdouh right Ablan in Izmir on the background of the coup attempt.

As has been editor in chief of Staff of the Turkish Army General Staff Hulusi Acar, who had been previously detained by a group of putschists,

Local media quoted the head of the Turkish intelligence has been moved to a safe place as well, and after exposure to the Turkish Intelligence Center attack was carried out by military helicopter.

The media reported the deaths of more than 90 people so far due to armed clashes in Turkey, sources said Turkish police, said that 16 people of the organizers of the coup were killed during clashes near the parliament building in Ankara.

Turkish Red Crescent also announced that around 1,000 people were injured as a result of clashes between the Turkish security forces and the
coup, including 800 in Ankara and 200 in Istanbul