Iran: We are in constant contact with Turkish officials since the crisis began

Dan secretary of the Supreme Council for National Security Ali Shamkhani the failed military coup in Turkey, stressing constant contact with security officials and politicians Turks since the crisis began.
Shamkhani said in a statement on Saturday that since the outbreak of the crisis in this country, we are in constant contact with the security and political officials in Turkey, and watched the proceedings with sensitivity.
He pointed out the wide presence of the Turkish people in the arena to defend its security and stability and democracy in this country, he said that the will and demand of the people is the most fundamental criterion for any political development in the states.
He said Secretary of the Supreme Council of National Security of Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran as it declares its support for the legitimate government in Turkey opposes any action that might prejudice the security, stability and tranquility of this country and considered it as outside the framework of the initial interests of the people of this country.