The new phase need new leadership and new leaders

Attorney Xuan Davoudi
It occurred in the Iraqi political equation significant variables, is expected to be reflected in its effects on the administrative map and the political system in the country, where the political game is moving at the international and regional level quickly as it does not seem that the local players in Iraq's ability to keep up, and the reason is that they either did not understand the game or they Itagabon them and do not want to understand. All forces and parties of Iraq were distributed and all the Shiite components, Sunni and Kurdish on the main poles in the big game and set up with different links, and now these parties are keen largely on the interests and goals of the big players more than its keenness on the interests of the land and the nation, and became the slogans about the higher interests of the people in the pan Iraq and are no longer any party or force believes these logos, but practically runs counter to them and contrary to the constitution, laws and agreements and the legal and constitutional section. And it lost the state now known as Iraq actually merits as a country, have become institutions experiencing day after day retreat in front of the power and control of the party organizations, and the keenness of the powerful in power that they are men of authority does not statesmen, rose partisan, religious, sectarian and national and ethnic interests, often above the higher interests of the people and the nation, In some sensitive issues of personal interests sometimes rises above the sum of all interests. So The country today need people are characterized by courage and daring hand over these facts and distancing themselves from the slogans and speeches emotional and delusional.
Nation needs today to people who are honest with themselves, above all, are able to give up their personal and partisan interests, and curl up on the search for appropriate solutions away from logos, solutions that do not inflict wounds again not considered a scenario we killed each other and destroying houses and cities victory for her, not to we again Bonfelh each other, and the bombing of cities with chemical weapons, and that the army, which celebrate founded in the sixth of January of each year does not, the attack on our cities and kill us. Home of the citizen, and the nation that does not drag on the citizen, but misfortunes and adversity does not make sense, citizen does not feel belonging to his homeland unless this nation a place for the sustainability of life and happiness, so Vantmena We are citizens of this country to religion, nationalism, and the party, and denomination, much larger than our belonging to the homeland, but that the nation is nothing but an umbrella we use to launch slogans only. We tried each other and we did everything to cancel each other, and we still do not recognize each other and we practice all lying, no one wants the unity of Iraq, and no one wants the existence of the State of strong institutions, not strong army, and no one likes the other !, but appease each other at the time, which we consider Hota us, Nthin on each opportunity, and we see in the other the loss of victory for us, and his success failed us !, and are working to thwart the other to the extent that if Eksnah to the success of each other, for we are now in the ranks of successful countries in the world. Iraq is no longer interested in the secession of the province of Kurdistan and act practically dismissed him, and the Kurdistan region is no longer seen in Kirkuk earlier equally important, because Pat has oil wealth, Alkaragokjon fizzled previous enthusiasm calling to join the province, and tired of these slogans, the Shiites are considered secure Baghdad and the belt the most important much of the liberation of Mosul and the reconstruction of the Sunni cities, Sunnis, who were fighting constantly for the unity of Iraq, became the jaws of a raging Sunni and Shiite Daash crowd, and think about how to be free from Monday forget them thinking about Iraq. The nation called Iraq, it became a big lie that is the well-being and life and happiness of the Iraqi people the source, in order to survive the citizen of this big lie he needs leadership, new leaders be at the level of the big developments successive because the current leaders are not in the big game the existing level but can not out of the midst of this lie called the nation who does not find the citizen himself.