MrsBGG says(6:39 PM):
Heavenly Father, we boldly come to You by the Blood of Jesus! Thank You Jesus that Your Kingdom rules over all! Thank You for Your Grace, Mercy and forgiveness. Thank You Jesus that You are the Prince of Peace. Our Everlasting Father. The Almighty. The King of kings and Lord of lords. Thank You Holy Spirit for YOur leading and guiding. We trust You, We thank You for unity, and pray for continued unity in our country, churches, & families. We pray for those in France. We pray for people to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and filled with the Holy Spirit. We thank You for each person here and pray that You will bless them and their families and keep them and cause Your Face to shine on them. We love You Lord. We give You all the Glory, HOnor and Praise. In Jesus Name, Amen.

BGG says(6:44 PM):
Obviously - the two biggest pieces of News is the attack in Nice

BGG says(6:44 PM):
and the Military Coup in Turkey...

BGG says(6:45 PM):
not exactly relative to Dinar - but big time News and happening right now.

BGG says(6:47 PM):
Hang on here...

BGG says(6:49 PM):
Some reports that Erdogan is trying to take back control - I sure hope for the long term of Turkey and the Middle East - this works and the Turkish Military takes over.

rcookie says(6:49 PM):
Turkish army withdraw troops from Iraq

Fri, 15 Jul 2016 22:02:58
Views: 475

Observer news / Baghdad
Turkey's military command, Saturday, soldiers who are in northern Iraq to withdraw immediately.

According to the Iraqi official channel, that "the Turkish army is, today, soldiers who are in northern Iraq to withdraw immediately," without giving further details.

And it resides hundreds of Turkish soldiers in northern Iraq since last December, while the Iraqi government has made a formal protest to the international community about it.

The Turkish military announced on Friday evening, from taking power in the country after carrying out a military coup against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan system.

BGG says(6:51 PM):
Well - there it is... may be more impactful to the Dinar than ANYONE can predict at this point.

BGG says(6:51 PM):
the next 24 hours will be fascinating - to say the least.

BGG says(6:53 PM):
IMHO - there is NO WAY this COUP has been "repelled" - if Erdogan is "begging" for "the people" AKA - Islamic Fundamentalists to rise up...

BGG says(6:53 PM):
this is FAR FROM OVER.

BGG says(6:57 PM):
Oh WOW - The Turkish PM says the Military Chief of Staff is in charge.

BGG says(6:58 PM):
but Erdogan is talking to the media from hiding.

Idaho says to BGG(6:58 PM):
Yes just saw that he will not win the military have control of over 80% of the country

Idaho says to BGG(6:59 PM):
The turkish people got a taste of freedom and they will not give it back

rcookie says(6:59 PM):
Abadi ordered an urgent meeting on the background of the coup in Turkey
Department: security landscapePublished on: Today, 02:48Number of views: 15
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A statement from the prime minister 's office said Abadi is an emergency and immediate meeting of the Ministerial Council for National Security.
The statement added, that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is closely following the situation in Turkey, and ordered an emergency and immediate meeting of the Ministerial Council for National Security.

BGG says to rcookie(7:02 PM):
What I would give to be a fly on the wall in that meeting...

rcookie says(7:02 PM):
Turkish army ordered its troops from northern Iraq to withdraw immediately and calls for the Baghdad government not to recognize the Embassy of Erdogan
Department:Published on the political scene: Today, 0:49 Number of views: 847
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الجيش التركي يأمر قواته شمال العراق بالانسحاب الفوري ويطالب حكومة بغداد بعدم الاعتراف بسفارة اوردوغان
He said a source familiar with the Turkish army issued orders not to foreign States to recognize the Turkish embassies until the issuance of the decision and cancel the appointment of new ambassadors to comply with the orders of freedom and the building of the Turkish state does not state Erdogan

BGG says to rcookie(7:02 PM):
this may change the map entirely.

BGG says to rcookie(7:04 PM):
You were on a call where the main thing I blasted was the central notion this current and former Shia regime have been guilty of - ethnic cleansing...

rcookie says(7:05 PM):

BGG says to rcookie(7:05 PM):
the Islamists have been letting these crazies kill innocent civilians... it changes the electoral map in their favor... so they make sure ISIS doesn't run out of matches.

rcookie says(7:05 PM):
News Erdogan's quest for asylum in Germany
Department: Arab and internationalpublishing history: Today, 0:50Number of views: 360
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انباء عن سعي اردوغان للجوء الى المانيا
News Erdogan's quest for asylum in Germany

rcookie says(7:06 PM):

BGG says to rcookie(7:06 PM):
Looks like (to me) the Turkish Military (and the 2nd largest NATO force) has HAD IT with this radical BS.

BGG says to rcookie(7:06 PM):
Now that is funny!!

rcookie says(7:08 PM):
Erdogan in his plane Ataturk Airport and the putschists surround the airport and barred Erdogan from traveling abroad

Department: Arab and internationalpublishing history: Today, 0:26Number of views: 562
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اردوغان في طائرته بمطار اتاتورك والانقلابيين يحيطون بالمطار ويمنعون اردوغان من السفر الى الخارج
Erdogan in his plane Ataturk Airport and the putschists surround the airport and barred Erdogan from traveling abroad

BGG says to rcookie(7:09 PM):
Could be why he's having to beg his "radical supporters" to take to the streets via "Face Time" :D

rcookie says(7:09 PM):

BGG says to rcookie(7:10 PM):
Word is - the elected Gov't of Turkey is still in charge... (could be "sans" Erdogan??)...

BGG says to rcookie(7:10 PM):
The current PM seems to be "still talking"... did he make a deal??

tman23 says(7:11 PM):
Nato wanted Turkey out of Northern Iraq......and Erdogen's move on Prime Minister Binali Yildirim 3 months ago was a big mmistake......... Recall Turkey wanting to be part of the EU conversation in this room few months ago...... Although Abadi has his own set of worries now about a "coup"........ Barzani and the PUK are just as close to fracturing back to past history....... Not to mention.....Erdogen was the KRG inside guy for deporting oil and banking money

BGG says(7:13 PM):
BTW - so everyone is clear... Erdogan has been doing everything Maliki was trying to do in Iraq. Stacking the courts, the polling places, the regional GOI's, the Special Forces, and the police... all while allowing plenty of terrorist activity on their southern border.

BGG says(7:14 PM):
worst case - he's on their side... best case, he often turned a blind eye to ISIS and their oil export across their borders.

BGG says(7:15 PM):

BGG says(7:15 PM):
the next 24 hours are very serious for the WORLD.

rcookie says(7:16 PM):
The withdrawal of Turkish troops from the north of Mosul Ba'shiqah
Department: Arab and internationalpublishing history: Today, 01:01Number of views: 426
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انسحاب القوات التركية من بعشيقة شمالي الموصل
The withdrawal of Turkish troops from the north of Mosul Ba'shiqah

BGG says(7:18 PM):
Rumors are even that the Erdogan family is involved in the smuggling of ISIS oil.

BGG says(7:18 PM):

tman23 says(7:20 PM):
Now to July 20th is pivitol....... Just waiting .......Cameron resigned and left office early.......Erdogen is on the hot plate....... Merkel should be very worried........ One could not script these events....It is so much bigger.....Biblical ..per se'

BGG says to tman23(7:21 PM):
Biblical is a great word...

BGG says(7:21 PM):
We'll be following all nite. :)

Holly1 says to tman23(7:21 PM):
AMEN ... TMAN (y)

poppy123 says(7:26 PM):

BGG says to eman4u55(7:26 PM):
but I'll be commenting on this all night.

MrsBGG says(7:30 PM):
Are there any questions or comments? Again, if you have a comment , please put a ?, thank you :)

mimi3 says(7:31 PM):

MrsBGG says to mimi3(7:31 PM):

BGG says to mimi3(7:31 PM):
Hey you!!

BGG says to mimi3(7:32 PM):
What's up??

caravaggio says(7:32 PM):

mimi3 says(7:32 PM):
how does this affect the "RV" Thank you in advance for aswering!!

MrsBGG says to caravaggio(7:32 PM):

BGG says to mimi3(7:33 PM):
had to say - exactly, but...

caravaggio says(7:33 PM):
Would it be reasonable to assume that this would speed up the elimination of ISIS in Iraq.

BGG says to mimi3(7:33 PM):
Iraq is obviously working with and under the supervision of the IMF more and more lately.

BGG says to mimi3(7:33 PM):
it may well have nothing to do with the currency of Iraq.

BGG says to mimi3(7:34 PM):
or - if the Coup is successful and imparts more stability to the region - may have EVERYTHING to do with it... who can say such things??

BGG says to mimi3(7:34 PM):
(but I think I just did :D )

mimi3 says(7:35 PM):
:) Thank you BGG and Mrs. BGG and all who dwell here(Tp)

BGG says to mimi3(7:35 PM):
Abadi had an emergency meeting with his senior Cabinet already (on the subject) and it (the COUP) is only hours old. Abadi is IN CHARGE.

BGG says to caravaggio(7:36 PM):
I said on a private call - last nite... I think that is a foregone conclusion...

BGG says to caravaggio(7:36 PM):
the only reason this ADMIN is sending troops right now... it's already over.

BGG says to caravaggio(7:37 PM):
They would never send troops into a question mark.

BGG says to caravaggio(7:37 PM):
further - this is just icing on the cake... and yes, if this succeeds. ISIS is DONE.

BGG says to caravaggio(7:38 PM):
the only reason they had any success in those northern Yazidi provinces... they Turkish and Syrian tanks sat and did nothing. Had they engaged, ISIS was done for.

BGG says to caravaggio(7:38 PM):
(that was very early in their campaign).

BGG says(7:45 PM):
Uh oh - YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, and CNN Turk - shut down. Reportedly by Gov't Soldiers.

BGG says(7:47 PM):
I want to NOT DIMINISH the Nice attack last nite... it was HORRIBLE.

BGG says(7:48 PM):
I apologize... I made an off-handed joke about a driver playing Pokemon GO.

BGG says(7:48 PM):
However, I think I was plain (later) about my standing on the matter.

BGG says(7:50 PM):
The religion of ISLAM is EVIL. It is a "death cult"... Mohammed would be convicted (today) as a pedophile...

BGG says(7:50 PM):
these attacks are outcroppings of this evil.

BGG says(7:51 PM):
am I bashing all "muslim people" or this people group? NO.

BGG says(7:51 PM):
but - I am well versed on the subject and am not as easily BS'ed as most people.

BGG says(7:52 PM):
we should love these people enough to TELL THE TRUTH. LOVE OUR OWN PEOPLE ENOUGH to tell the truth...

BGG says(7:52 PM):
and be PREPARED to defend yourselves. If you are not - it is a grave mistake. The western world is at WAR.

BGG says(7:52 PM):
Am I clear on this??

BGG says(7:53 PM):
Love them - Love us - be prepared...

BGG says(7:53 PM):
and AWARE!!

BGG says(7:54 PM):
(at WAR with this extreme ideology - ISLAM).

david334 says to MrsBGG(7:55 PM):

JD1 says(7:55 PM):
amen BGG

MrsBGG says to david334(7:55 PM):

BGG says to JD1(7:55 PM):
in other words...

david334 says to MrsBGG(7:55 PM):
does that make Iraq more important in the war. Of course

BGG says to JD1(7:55 PM):
"Love the sinner... hate the sin..."

JD1 says(7:56 PM):

BGG says to JD1(7:56 PM):
"..but for Heaven's sake - don't let the sinner KILL YOU..." - that is just folly.

JD1 says(7:57 PM):

david334 says to MrsBGG(7:57 PM):

MrsBGG says to david334(7:57 PM):

BGG says to david334(7:57 PM):
should this be successful - this makes Iraq and Turkey "natural allies"... Abadi should be doing cart-wheels right now.

david334 says to MrsBGG(7:58 PM):
does this make Iraq more important in the struggle against Islam

jackflash101st says to MrsBGG(7:58 PM):

david334 says to MrsBGG(7:58 PM):
And gives the ME a better chance at economic reform

BGG says to david334(7:59 PM):
Not exactly - BUT - it gives them a real ally in the region... which they have not had for a very long time. Everyone up until now, all Iraq's allies have had their own agendas first, Iraq second.

david334 says to MrsBGG(7:59 PM):
right and iran gete diminished

BGG says to david334(8:00 PM):
That would be a welcome by-product.

david334 says to MrsBGG(8:00 PM):

MrsBGG says to jackflash101st(8:00 PM):

jackflash101st says(8:00 PM):
Last christmas my son and I walked into Dicks sporting goods store and in walked 3 muslim dirtbags with back packs in less than 2 minutes there were no one left in the store but the 3 muslims,, everyone cleared out in seconds

flint says(8:01 PM):

BGG says to jackflash101st(8:02 PM):
:D for their part... not bad work. Make space between you and the threat.

BGG says to jackflash101st(8:02 PM):
for me - I just don't run fast enough to matter. I set down stakes.

BGG says to jackflash101st(8:03 PM):
gotta' give props to the biker who tried to mount the truck in Nice last nite... HERO ALERT.

MrsBGG says to flint(8:03 PM):

flint says(8:03 PM):
how do you think this will affect the Kurd Turkey conflicts?

jackflash101st says to BGG(8:03 PM):
What made me so mad was the fact the muslim mongoloids were laughing the entirentime everyone was getting out of there

prs says(8:03 PM):

BGG says to flint(8:04 PM):
Big concern - for personal friends of mine as well. That is a very direct concern. How will this impact them??

SRW says(8:04 PM):
Thank God for our second amendment and states that allow CHL permits!!

BGG says to jackflash101st(8:04 PM):
in the end - they won't laugh.

prs says(8:05 PM):
fox network is calling turkey a failed military coup
is your info more current?

BGG says to prs(8:05 PM):
There is no accurate info - as yet.

prs says(8:06 PM):
ok: thank you

flint says(8:06 PM):
yes thanks BGG

BGG says(8:08 PM):
Here's a common thread... once one of these MUSLIM ACTORS do whatever they do... the outcry from the "Muslim community" is "he doesn't represent" ISLAM... they dig up all the bad stuff he has done... BUT

BGG says(8:09 PM):
There are 3 basic catagories of Muslims (or Christians...)

BGG says(8:09 PM):
1) securlists (they go on Chrismas and Easter)...

BGG says(8:10 PM):
2) moderates... (they are in the groups - but aren't "trigger pullers")

BGG says(8:10 PM):
3) fundamentalists (they are dangerous NOW). They have read the book and are doing what it says...

BGG says(8:11 PM):
but here's my point - no matter what their jibberish..

BGG says(8:11 PM):
when push comes to shove - they will defend their FAITH.

david334 says to BGG(8:12 PM):
whats the global population of Sunni's% total

BGG says(8:13 PM):
Mohammed Attah got in a s**** with a bartender a day or two before he flew a plane into a building... ASK ME IF I CARE OF THE VERACITY OF HIS BELIEFS??

Idaho says(8:14 PM):

MrsBGG says to Idaho(8:14 PM):

Idaho says(8:14 PM):
I think about 85% plus are Sunni world wide

BGG says(8:15 PM):
My take - Erdogan is losing - he's got to get these pics out of the leader of the military in hand cuffs out.

BGG says(8:15 PM):
He's in big trouble. (Erdogan - that is...)

flint says(8:15 PM):
1.5 billion Muslims worldwide... 20% live in ME

jeffusa says to BGG(8:16 PM):
good... we need him to lose

BGG says(8:16 PM):
formal News Time is over... but I'll be here all nite.

BGG says(8:16 PM):
Hang in there.