Sadr, demanding the resignation of corrupt those with special ranks and brought to trial


Sadrist leader Muqtada al - Sadr announced from Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, on Friday, the demands of the Iraqi government, most notably the dismissal of corrupt than those with special grades and the selection of new members of the Supreme Commission for Elections, while warned that his demands would be extended to the sacking of the three presidencies in the event of "failure."
Sadr said in a speech delivered during a demonstration Tahrir Square in Baghdad, on his behalf, he said that "we stand in Tahrir Square is in order to achieve comprehensive reforms in all state institutions , " stressing that "our demands are legitimate and will not stop them , but Pthakgaha and peaceful means."
Sadr said that "these demands proposed by Mr. al- Sadr is to sack all corrupt people in the joints of the state and those with special grades , " warning that "permeated the demands of the three presidencies in the event of negligence , " he stressed , " to provide corrupt to a fair trial as soon as otherwise people are guarantor to try them. "
He called al- Sadr " to cancel the principle of ethnic and party quotas in government positions in state institutions and the formation of a technocratic independent government," stressing that " to insist on the resignation of the Electoral Commission and the selection of new members is subject to political quotas and rely on efficiency, integrity and professionalism."
Sadr called "the House of Representatives to vote on serious reforms demanded by the Iraqi people to be hearings in public and broadcast directly through the media to inform them of the Iraqi people , " calling on " the Iraqi judiciary to move away from quotas and political pressure and work neutrally and independently complete."
Mr. al - Sadr and confirmed at the conclusion of his speech on the "stand with the Iraqi our military and our security forces in terrorism fight us," blessed "their recent victories , " pointing to "stand behind them to liberate the rest of the regions, particularly the city of Mosul , dear."
He left Mr. Sadr, platform Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, saying the protesters that came to participate with them only after Hamas inflamed protesters in chanting slogans "Yes , yes for Iraq," stressing that it does not accept this without the logo.
Sadr urged demonstrators to chant with hairs that say it , stressing that the demonstrations "peaceful peaceful," and "Brothers Sunni and Shia of this country what we are selling."
And set off in central Baghdad on Friday, a mass demonstration, which called her Sadrist Movement leader Muqtada al - Sadr, calling for reform and the expulsion of "corrupt" government, while demonstrators chanted angry slogans stating that the time for the elimination of corruption has come.