Vote on freedom of expression and peaceful demonstration next Monday Law
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Chairman of the Committee on Culture and Media parliamentary Maysoon al asserted that freedom of expression and peaceful protest law will be voted on next Monday.
She Damluji told {Euphrates News}, that "there is more than one opinion on Freedom of Expression Act , where some of them believe that the right of any citizen to pretend after informing the competent administrative units, while others see the need to get to the ear only."
She added that "there fear of breaking into the green Zone , in this regard , "indicating that" to get the ear is true because we establish for the future of freedom of expression and democracy. "
She Damluji" through this new law has to be news of the competent authorities five days before the protests even take security services reserves up to cause the demonstration paralyzed the movement of citizens or creating damage to public property. "
It was the board chairman of the parliament had decided during the first Wednesday session to postpone the vote on the draft freedom of expression law and peaceful demonstration to the next week, because of the objection of the legal Committee and the Committee of the parliamentary culture and some of the heads of blocs on some Vaqrath.anthy