Legislative power: export liquid gas abroad will contribute to improve oil imports


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The Parliamentary Committee on oil and energy confirmed that Iraqi gas liquid exports abroad will contribute to improve the Iraqi oil imports.

The Committee Member said Awad Awadi in modern economics "news", to diversify its sources of imports under the reforms undertaken by the Government very important investment and export the gas to the outside in addition to his investment in power stations.

Awadi said that this crisis cost us considerable money especially with low oil prices, not to mention the wars that we fight against gangs, noting that the terrorist Islamic State to sell gas article would fill part of the budget deficit.

There were other minerals rich in Iraq must develop a plan to invest and diversify the economy in Iraq and raise finance for imports fill the shortfall in the budget wizard

The oil Ministry announced that with the beginning of the current month first shipment of liquid gas export through the port of Um Qasr, southern Iraq, "2000 tons and are in turn represents the first step towards optimization of associated gas to oil operations and the starting gate to world markets via export surplus quantities need Iraq.