Aleghanoanh parliamentary: General Amnesty Law "dependent" on the details espoused by al-Jubouri

Special - balances News
He confirmed the legal committee member of the parliamentary Hamdiya Husseini, on Friday, that the general amnesty law depends on some of the details that build resolved Parliament Speaker Salim Alajabua. Husseini said L / balance News /, that he "will resolve the broken laws in Parliament during the current legislative term the" new ", indicating that" the general amnesty law done, but it depends on the details that are built resolved Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri. " She added, "The most prominent broken laws and that you are not voted on in the coming period is all of the oil and gas law and the law gained and the Nationality Law of the Federal Court." The parliamentary legal committee confirmed that, earlier, that the draft of the amnesty laws that have priority in the House bill, as shown when he will approve the resumption Alcil.anthy 29 From: Haidar Almitm