July 2016: Layer victors

Husam Itani
Each unique war in the door. The victor is always trying to bring out the uniqueness and Asttnaiatha in the context of his work on the investment of victory and install its positions as an international and regional In internal power in the country is associated with the emergence of users and beneficiaries contribute to changing value systems and culture in the side «victor». Evidence extends to a desire to exaggerate the importance of the military victories of the ancient Egyptian murals to video broadcast by the organization «Daash» clips whenever seized the town in the Syrian desert or Iraqi. And not a departure from this line «Hezbollah» considered the outcome of the war in July (July 2006), which coincides with the tenth anniversary these days, «divine victory», it didn every policy invests in the war with the outside world to control the inside. Israel failed to achieve the goals set by the War of the hit to the ability of the party to the bombing of Israel and take it out of southern Lebanon and the restoration of the military Israeli soldiers early days, in addition to the conclusions of the Winograd report on the shortcomings of military and intelligence failures, added the whole credibility of the argument divine victory in front the public suddenly found himself in a fierce war which the Israelis accept their skill in the destruction of infrastructure and killing of civilians, who suffer more than a thousand and two hundred man. In fact, the war resulted in a huge dimensional social and political practices that include the closure of entire regions in front of state power and the appearance of victors layer (regardless of the real role of the members of the new class in the field events of the war) who they showed windfall signs due to the massive amount of money that poured Iran and other post-war . Victors layer that does not get bored or tired of reminding the rest of God's creation it is the behavior of «protected Lebanon» from falling under the yoke of a new Israeli occupation and defended the honor of the Lebanese people and their dignity and their honor, is not short of arrogance of the new rich and their claims, the disregard for other citizens and attacks daily on the public sphere and the contribution are well known in the mainstream culture is shallow in the degeneration of an unprecedented media, which contributed to pushing the country into the atmosphere is closer to the law of the jungle of it committed to the laws of society. However, this is less the Lebanese problems with the victory, which did not seek and did not find him at his request. The Layer victors its trans-Lebanese border and openly affiliated to another regional project does not take into account the «minor» internal Lebanese politics. These are just a trivial Square a much larger scheme. Sian was able to withstand the Lebanese consequences or collapsed fragile cohesion, originally, by the superstitious Weightlifting received on his shoulder. The victors Almsthzeon exacerbate the daily difficulties of life for their citizens living with poverty, especially disease clogging woke hopes for any kind of a decent living in this sad country, they stress that it is opposed to the consequences of catastrophic lie «the triumph of divine», do not know the dignity of meaning and they are accustomed to live humiliated on crumbs tables Gulf and revenues bars and mufflers, as they, their victory, were expelled creative chaos Cup and the new Middle East from Lebanon. Words again, always talk back into the morals that monopolized by a party does not see in the others is not the servants of their desires and are wanted for mortal life. This is happening in the state apparatus and its institutions disintegrate and cease its public services and one after the other and insulted the citizen and a refugee worker and foreign alike. But the victors layer enjoyed alone, and thankfully, dignity and pride ... about life"