The reopening of the closed roads and bridges in Baghdad

A source in the Iraqi police, on Friday, that the security forces reopened all roads in Baghdad, which was closed due to the demonstrations in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, with the exception of Liberation Square and the Bridge of the Republic.
The source said in an interview, " The security forces returned the opening of all roads in Baghdad, which have been closed due to the mass demonstrations that kicked off this morning, in Tahrir Square , the center of the capital."
The source , who asked not to be named, said : "Liberation Square and the Republican Bridge just what still closed , which remained closed for security reason."
Baghdad has seen, on Friday, the start of a mass demonstration called her Sadrist leader Muqtada calling for reform and the expulsion of "corrupt" government, while demonstrators chanted slogans angry that the time to eliminate corruption has come, and pulled the protesters tomorrow throwing chest brief speech and his departure from office Tahrir Square .