The truck driver in an assault Nice shot from a pistol before killing

. The truck driver , who pounced on a Thursday evening rally in Nice , southeastern France, killing at least eighty people by firing several shots from a pistol before he was killed, according to several sources.
A source familiar with the investigation were found in the truck is ready for an explosion of weapons and fake bomb, according to the news agency "AFP."
The former mayor of Nice , Christian Estrosi chairman who is now chairman of the district administration where the city is located , "before they kill cops fired (striker) several shots."
According to another source familiar with the work of the investigators, the driver of the truck opened fire "pistol" were also found in the truck on the "not intended to explode a bomb" and "fake rifles."
The Estrosi said earlier that the attacker had a weapon in the truck "heavy."
Killed at least 80 people on Thursday evening when a man pounced on his truck crowds that gathered in Nice to watch the fireworks display to mark the French National Day on July 14 on the adjacent Sea Corniche , which meant the tourists from all over the world.
Roy witness saw the attack from beginning to end of the network , "My FM TV" news that striker month of a weapon and opened fire on two police officers, before they kill policemen.