Hollande declared after the assault Nice promote the French intervention in Syria and Iraq

Francois Hollande announced at dawn on Friday that his country "will strengthen" its intervention against the terrorists in Syria and Iraq, following the assault witnessed by the city of Nice, which killed at least 80 people were killed when they were run over with a truck crowded to watch the fireworks on the occasion of the National Day celebrations.
Holland said in a speech televised from
Elysee Palace , "There is nothing that will make us give up on our determination to fight terrorism and we will strengthen more our actions in Syria as in Iraq. Those who are targeting us on our land , we will continue to hit them in their shelters."
Hollande said he decided to "call any operational reserve all who served at one time in the ranks of the army or the gendarmerie, to strengthen the ranks of the police and gendarmerie , " referring to the possibility of the use of these reserves in the "border control".