Development status: political interference Turkey's position and place a marsh in danger

2016-07-14 22:16

Baghdad scales news

Detect Center Director of energy and water development Dr Leith inch of political interventions put file Insert marshes and monuments within the World Heritage list in danger. Head of energy and water development centre Dr Leith inch which participates in meetings of UNESCO commissions 40 in Istanbul in a statement/balance of news that "the Turkish side expressed reservations on the inclusion of seven Iraqi sites, including the marshes into the World Heritage list included communicated to delegations, noting the overall technical objection points.

The Iraqi side was headed by Professor Janabi age all the flexibility and efforts to dissuade the Turkish side position. He was the head of the Centre, Dr Leith inch political intervention file and drown on Member States weakened file and shattered that UNESCO adopts technical reports standard in its decisions. We hope that the Iraqi technical delegation tomorrow than coaxing States voting to push for the success of the file and convince the experts 21 positive votes.