Commission of integrity: the six former official in a beginning; for embezzling nearly two billion dinars

July 14, 2016 11:57 am

Investigation service considers integrity the issuance of six judgements on the responsible and safe exchange in one of the courts beginning in Karbala

The Chamber said the Indian Criminal Court issued six Karbala absentia rightly condemned (b. p. m) that were acting as responsible and safe exchange in judicial court initially, based on the provisions of article 315/second part of Penal Code; for perpetrating crimes of embezzling public money, indicated that condemned taken during the period between the years (2008-2013) to commit many crimes of embezzlement and waste of public money through the manipulation and embezzlement in deposit accounts belonging to the courthouse (Indian Court initially).

The investigations led to a lot of embezzlement in a files, appropriating and remove prevalence, as well as discover condemned safety deposit amounts disbursed to mock people who win have nothing to do with Communist expropriation proceedings and removing files; to embezzle these amounts, causing an inability to calculate an estimated Tribunal secretariats (1,985,458,797) billion nine hundred and eighty-five million four hundred and fifty-eight thousand seven hundred and ninety-seven.

And a number of deserving the complainant requested convicted fugitive who damaged them; because of her actions that led to the financial benefits could not be disbursed.

The verdict included a paragraph support curbing funds reservation movable and immovable, and obliging them to return the embezzled funds to state coffers, not to let her go after the execution of sentences in succession right unless you pay the amount involved to the State Treasury.