End the coverage of the Iraqi navigation corridor within the international network

2016/7/14 17:58


It ended the Iraqi ports company affiliated to the Ministry of Transport acts cover the fairway of the Iraqi part of the global International Maritime network.

The general director of ports Riad Al-Hamad said in a statement issued by the Ministry of Transport Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Thursday, said the waterway Iraqi is ready controlled by the agreement and cooperation with the service provider and the company ship finder that supplied ports Bricevrat private VHF revealing maritime targets ", he underlined that" can now detect ships and vessels in Mamrna navigational and find out information and data such as their own (identity, flag, speed, direction, load).

The statement added that "after the completion of the corridor has become all the ships and Ganaib tractors and other naval vessels inbound to our ports that carry AIS devices to identify any Alootometeki- identity system, the phenomenon of global maritime map."

The "Iraqi ports conducted several important steps in the framework of its development after it has been transmission port of Umm Qasr for electronic administration.