Parliament: Some MPs absent for more than three months of meetings
Posted by: admin2 14 July, 2016 Policy

BAGHDAD / SNG - said the decision of the House of Representatives, on Thursday, it will display the names of absent deputies to the parliament soon.

And between Imad Youkhana in a press statement that "the names of deputies who took their Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the resolution did not set yet, adding that" al-Jubouri called on the relevant department competent to record and count the absences of Representatives and later identified to raise their names to the Presidency and presented to parliament soon, and within the agenda Parliament".

He said Youkhana, for the mechanism used to cancel the membership of the House of Representatives, that "the mechanism used to cancel the membership of the deputies will be in case if absences MP 90 exceeded per day during the two legislative, or to be MP absent for ten consecutive sessions, pointing out that" the decision to cancel membership Representatives came against the backdrop of a request from the House and within the reform program on hold negligent and retarded from attending meetings of the Council. "