The high number of displaced families from 2862 to the family of Sharqat

The Ministry of Displacement and Migration, Thursday, for the distribution of relief goods aid ( in kind and the food and health) among the displaced families to spend Sharqat northern Salahuddin province, as he emphasized the high number of displaced families from the judiciary to over 2862 families.
The director of the northern governorates department in the ministry Muhannad Saleh Abdel - Rahim said in a statement, " The staff of the ministry branch in Salahuddin distributed (681) Share of relief aid to the displaced families represented Balaanah and food and health included 200 food baskets and 100 healthy basket and the same air freight fans as well as (281) chilled air. "
He said Abdul Rahim said "ministry staff branch continues to maintain the reception of displaced families from the areas that are being edited and sheltering and the distribution of relief aid to them."
And Abdel Rahim "reception (25) displaced families from the outskirts of Shirqat areas to become the total displaced families that have been received in (Peggy) since the first day of operations amounted to edit Sharqat (2862) displaced families."