Adjust the three laboratories and trapping more than 750 rockets Jnhm west of the capital


Baghdad Operations Command announced Thursday the seizure of plants for booby - trapping wheels and more than 750 missiles "Hell" to Daash terrorist elements in the city of Fallujah , west of the capital that has been recently restored from the grip Daash.

According to a statement issued by the leadership, the prescriptive Military Engineering Task Force expeditionary first able to handle (70) of an explosive device and cleanse the home of a number (3) within the district of Fallujah.

The statement added that the strength of the regiment commando squad first expeditionary able to implement the duty within the district of Fallujah , the second officer neighborhood and find (3) plant booby - trapping and manufacture of bombs and missiles containing Hell missiles (757) and explosive material weighing 300 kg and Katyusha rockets number ( 8) The rulers blow up a number (19) and a missile cone in a number (5).

It added the statement that the prescriptive military engineering division (14) was able to disinfect homes of a number (11) in the vine spend While managed to force brigade headquarters (22) band (6) of the implementation of the duty in Tarmiya neighborhood green north of Baghdad and found added to the enemy and destroyed.

The statement pointed out that the strength of the regiment Second Brigade (22) after receiving intelligence information about the presence of suicide bombers in Albu Firas area has been killed (2) of them and destroy added to the enemy and found inside narcotic pills also managed the strength of intelligence , Major General (22) and in cooperation with the National Security Agency after receiving information about the presence of the type of wheel Kia bus carrying suicide bombers number (4) north of Baghdad to come by way of (Baghdad - Samarra) were processed and kill all terrorists.

The statement continued that the first battalion , brigade (25) band (17) force able to implement the duty south of Baghdad , in the Po bramble area and found a cache of artillery shells 57mm (15) and valve blow up a number (4), indicating that the strength of the regiment third Brigade (25) able to implement due within Syed Abdullah area and found a cache of explosive materials and explosive devices.