Planning: We passed the critical stage in the economic crisis


Baghdad / term

He said Planning Minister Salman Jumaili Iraq's economic stage exceeded the most dangerous after the first half of 2016 ends.

Jumaily said in a statement that "the confidence of the world, Iraq has become the most powerful and encouraged the international community to positively us to deal through a loan obtained by Iraq from the International Monetary Fund", calling for "investment these positive attitudes in the development in the service of Iraq through the consolidation of positions and renounce the differences side, these differences exploited by terror targeting Iraqis as happened in the Karrada and country and before that in a lot of areas that cause a deep wound for all Iraqis, and the position of the unit will increase the confidence of the world in Iraq. "

He added that "economic stage, the most dangerous of Iraq has overcome after passing the first half of 2016," and expressed the hope that "the second half of the year best, as will Iraq by the end Daash and the return of displaced persons as well as the existence of positive indicators for the rise in oil prices in the global market as well to the results of the economic measures taken by the government and processors during the last stage. "