House of Representatives vote on the law and judicial supervision ends read four laws

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 - 21:10

House of Representatives voted at its second regular legislative season in the first legislative election for the third year for the third session chaired by Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 244 deputies on Wednesday, on the one law in what ended the first and second readings of the four proposals and draft laws.

At the outset of the meeting President al-Jubouri called according to a statement of the Department of the media to the parliament,

"the House of Representatives who applied questioning the ministers of defense and finance to review the parliamentary circle in the Council for the timing of the questioning in the Council,"
pointing out that

"the transport minister resigned and therefore the minister if he resigned shall interrogation Scrapped. "

The Council voted on draft Judiciary Oversight Commission and submitted by the Legal Committee in view of the changes taking place in the period following the issuance of the Judicial Supervision Law No. 124 of 1979 and to keep abreast of changes and compatibility with the new legislation and to ensure good performance in the federal judicial power components.

It decided by the Presidency to postpone the vote on the draft Freedom Altobeiran of opinion, assembly and peaceful demonstration and submitted by the legal committees, human rights, security, defense, culture, media and Awqaf and Religious Affairs Act to session next Monday, according to the desire of the parliamentary blocs to complete discussions on fueling the bill.

In another matter, the President of the House of Representatives announced that the agenda in the coming sessions will offer 70 bill for the purpose of approval by the Board regardless of their political positions, including

"adding that" the Council will be presented during the next sessions 35 request from a number of ladies and gentlemen of Representatives topics General discussion concerning the overall situation in the country, pointing to the issuance of decisions on the abolition of membership of a number of deputies to override Gaabathm the legal limit. "

The Council voted on a resolution as Peggy spend the hand of Chinese villages and towns of the two disaster areas as a result of what they have suffered from the damage and destruction due to the terrorist organization Daash.

A number of deputies at the request of 50 deputies proposals and visions on reform. And ensure that the reform program [of the deputies of the protesters] on legislative power need of the Presidency's commitment to neutrality and non-reduction decisions blocs and that the Presidency is committed to transparency against the House of Representatives to get the special aspect of administrative, financial, and see the details Oivadat the Presidency and committees of documents as well as the General Secretariat of the Council of Representatives shall inform the Council a number of the Council's cars and purchase contracts and the amounts you spend them in addition to the names of advisers and staff and their testimony and their salaries.

Program and demanded that the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to re-structure presidencies offices and the abolition of the quota system in all positions of the Council and re-distributed according to the certificate and professional standards that are set a time for the host, questioning and amend the rules of procedure of the Council and display delayed laws ceilings as well as a number of important recommendations concerning the administrative control aspects.

Either side which regards the executive branch evolved to include the importance of providing the Prime Minister for a reform program over two years and a review of the tax system and collection of money and forcing the prime minister conducted a reshuffle away from quotas and the end of the appointments by proxy in the civil, military and judicial institutions and a commitment to send the laws pertaining to activate side projects economic and work to strengthen civil labor law.

And ensure that the judicial aspect of the reform proposals to reconsider the laws and the judiciary to reconsider the salaries of members of the judiciary and the enactment of the Federal Court Act.

Then the Council ended the first reading of the draft first amendment to the law take care of minors No. 78 of 1980 and sponsored by the committees of Alemraep, Family, Children and securities in order to protect minors, care and development and invest their money in order to achieve beneficial for them and raise the jurisprudence concerning small civil, who turned fifteen and married permission of the court and acted as agent absent or lost and the need to review the competent court appointed him guardian of the absent or missing and reconsider formations care of minors circle and give the organization the importance of minors accounts and required to exempt the care of minors circle of pay claims relating to the rights of a minor charge.

And it decided the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to postpone the first reading of the draft law of tribes and clans and submitted by the Committee clans.

Then the Council completed the first reading of the proposed abolition of the Revolutionary Command Council Resolution Act [dissolved] No. 213 of 2000 and submitted by the legal committees,

Health and Environment to cancel the dependency of the Presidium of the health centers of the Republic and attached to the Ministry of Health and completed the Council for the first reading of the proposed abolition of the Revolutionary Command Council Resolution Act [dissolved] No. 80 of 2000 and submitted by the legal,

health and environment committees to obviate the need of resolution that the allowances granted to Doctors had been organized by law the state No. 22 salaries for the year 2008 and decided the presidency of the Council of Representatives to postpone the first reading of the proposed abolition of the Revolutionary command Council resolution Act [dissolved] No. 481 for the year 1989 submitted by the Committees legal, health and the environment.

The Board completed the report and discuss the draft law on ratification the Convention on Avoidance of Double Taxation Law and exchange of information with respect to taxes on income and capital between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of Islamic Republic of Iran and its Protocol and submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations, integrity and financial, higher education and scientific research, services and reconstruction.

It was postponed reading the report and discuss the draft of the Iraqi National Paralympic Committee Act and submitted by the Committee of Youth and Sports. This was followed by MP Ahmad al-Jarba a statement condemning the bombing terrorist district of Karrada, praising the role of the military and security forces in the liberation of Qayyarah base being the main gateway for the liberation of Mosul, noting that the importance of dealing with the province of Nineveh gingerly calling on the Presidency to hold an expanded meeting with the representatives of the ingredients in the province to discuss the the future of the province of Nineveh after liberation.

Then he read Surat Al-Fatiha in memory of the House of Representatives for the souls of the martyrs of Iraq. And it decided the Presidium of the parliament to postpone the reading and discussion of the draft report of government banks and provided financial and legal Committees Act. And it decided the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to adjourn the meeting on Sunday.