800 billion dollars: parliamentary financial funds smuggled abroad and the Government has an obligation to investigate

2016-07-13 at 12:07

Balance of news

The parliamentary Finance Committee member confirmed Sarhan Ahmed, Wednesday, there is information indicating smuggling about 800 billion dollars abroad, noting that the Government has an obligation on investigating the contraband side and submitted to the judiciary.

Ahmad/balance of news, that "there is a resolution of the House of representatives of the Iraqi Government committed to investigating the Fund and smuggled to side besides counting."

He added, that "approximately (700-800) billion smuggled abroad," he said, adding that "the Government will investigate people who smuggle this currency to be brought to justice to receive their reward".

"The Finance Committee regarding investigation process control", pointing out that "political conditions that occur from time to time within the Iraqi Parliament prevented the completion of these tasks before the Commission."

A Deputy from the coalition States law Nahla alhbabi revealed, earlier, about an invitation to international committees working on retrieving smuggled money out of Iraq.