Electricity: Our production has reached more than 14,000 MW and higher processing Baghdad

The Ministry of Electricity, on Wednesday, for the empowerment of engineering and technical staffs working in the Ministry of Electricity to accomplish modifications line of power transmission pressure dismutase (Wasit thermal - south of Baghdad) to (Wasit thermal - Secretary), the introduction of self - transformers in stations in western Baghdad and Jerusalem Althoilitin, which increased the capacity of the energy processed to the province of Baghdad, which amounted to 3,900 MW.
This was announced by the spokesman of the Ministry of Electricity Musab teacher, adding, that the production of the national electricity system has reached this Tuesday (14,010) MW, reaching electricity fitted to the province of Baghdad (3900) MW, the highest energy supplied to Baghdad before, where the peak absorb Baghdad province does not exceed 3500 MW.
And between the teacher, the employees of the Ministry of Electricity Through this achievement are sending a message of optimism to the Iraqi people and assert their determination to progress to keep up the great victories of our army and our security forces and the crowd and popular tribal liberalization of the national territory and the cities of Daash terrorist down to edit the entire province of Nineveh, and glorified the lives of the martyrs of Iraq.
Taking advantage of this occasion and achievement realized to renew the call for citizens to cooperate with the ministry and the rationalization of electricity consumption as much as possible in order to ensure the continuity of the citizens processing more hours during the summer days.