With the details. Detect path "bomb Karrada wheel which accompanied

2016/07/12 21:59


Detect reform front mp Abdelrahman rocket, Tuesday, that people holding cards (Kuwait) delivery of Government car bomb that targeted the Karada bombing site.

Rocket said in a recent press release briefed/Babylon 24/must first report to the parliamentary security and Defence Committee on the Karrada bombing presented during today's session included detailed information about the bombing, "pointing out that" within this information the car's path and the driver suspicious and searched for seven minutes by canine (k9) in sincere Diyala area, as well as the owner of the car had been reached but did not disclose his identity.

The report stated that the car bomb when entered into Baghdad was ahead another car carrying people holding Kuwait, had accompanied the bombs after people to Karrada, stating that they "while they found another route taking ways Karrada entrance closed National Theatre hand, use bagathm to enter and pass the car."

"The materials used in the bombing, according to the report, ammonia and nitrate areC4 ammonium powder", alluding to "a further report from the parliamentary security and Defence Committee includes more details about the bombing.

According to parliamentary sources, earlier Tuesday (July 12, 2016), that the parliamentary security and Defence Committee submitted its report on the bombing of Baghdad's Karada to the Presidency of the Parliament, the report said the car bomb was coming from Diyala, unexplored, despite being subject to inspection.