Army begins with panelled celebrations of liberation square in central Baghdad

2016-07-12 at 20:35

Special the balance of news

A security source revealed Tuesday, troops and police spread thickly in Baghdad prepare to commemorate the revolution of 14 July, among the troops erected a platform in liberation square in central Baghdad.

The source for news, balances "troops and police spread thickly across the regions of Baghdad," pointing out that "massive deployment came to protect troops ready for review and commemorate July 14."

He added, "has panelled in liberation square in central Baghdad.

The Baghdad capital, Tuesday, cutout for private streets routes to the Centre of the capital walkradh and bridges leading to the green zone and paralysis in her movement, spread through military convoys of army troops backed by artillery and heavy weapons, at a time when security sources that the Government intended to organize a military review in liberation square to mark July 14 on Thursday and Friday in conjunction with Sadr calls protest Friday in liberation square.