Abadi calls for uniting efforts to maintain military accomplishments in Fallujah and Mosul

2016-07-12 18:37

Baghdad scales news

The Iraqi Cabinet called on Tuesday to postpone protests to spare the country falling into chaos, and stressed the need to expedite the military service bill it approved the transfer of juvenile reform Department to the Justice Department, it should form a Committee to compensate the families of the martyrs of Karada and reconstruction that destroied him terrorism, as well as a timetable for binding return in assessing the reality of electricity in Baghdad and the provinces.

The Cabinet said in a statement received/balance "-Abadi said during a cabinet meeting chaired today that our heroine is advancing rapidly in Mosul and liberalization that ISIS is collapsing numbers of victims and hundreds in addition to forces hundreds dead in Fallujah and killed about a terrorist whom the process of destroying a queue on the carpet around Anbar desert Islamic State, and that this response is a strong deterrent for victims and to avenge the cowardly terrorist crime after Saba in Karrada explosions and country.

He called on all political forces to unite their efforts to maintain military accomplishments achieved in Fallujah and Mosul and to keep the priority to fight against the Islamic State and rally and mobilize all efforts to support the triumphs and not let pass the objectives displayed is flag across differences and weakening hold on the home front. " Calling on the Cabinet to speed up the completion of the draft service law. "

On Karada bombing told the Prime Minister that "Islamic State was behind this terrorist attack and subsequent rumors of shock and challenge the back through his clients and collaborators to hinder the liberalization of Mosul."

The Board formed a Committee of the Cabinet Secretariat and the Baghdad governorate and the Foundation of martyrs and a representative of the private sector assume compensate the families of the martyrs of Karada and reconstruction that destroied him terrorism and Exchange Commission authorization of fundamentalism and materials in kind.

He continued the Cabinet calls pretending when the country faced a threat terrorism represents ontologically locked edit war armed forces to expel Iraq from the Islamic State to ring and fighters sacrificed their lives and achieve impressive victories in various areas of operations, the Council of Ministers calls on our people to assume their responsibilities in support of the armed forces and put off demonstrations to prevent the country falling into chaos and more challenges and distracting side issues security effort disrupted editing and plans to serve the enemy targets and peaceable ", wao'kda that" the duty of the security forces. Law enforcement and protect the interests of the citizens and the institutions of the State and defend the home needed, at the same time stresses the Government proceed with the reforms of our people and combat corruption in all its forms and manifestations and to reform and fighting corruption is not through chaos and insecurity and attacks on citizens and public money and disable services.

The Cabinet discussed the refugee file and a binding timetable for the return of displaced persons to their areas liberated in Anbar province.

The Board was briefed on the initial plan to House displaced people and relief during the battle of liberating Mosul he convened a meeting of ministries and relevant agencies for the purpose of preparing to receive them and secure their needs.

And conducted an assessment of the status of Cabinet electrical power in Baghdad and the provinces in terms of increased production, distributive and non-TRQ and override the importance of rationalization along power line protection from terrorist attacks.

The Cabinet discussed the controls and leave approved law on this purpose and accounting certification by the Ministry of the Interior.

The Cabinet agreed on delinking juvenile reform Department of Ministry of labour and Social Affairs and transferred to the Ministry of Justice has ended