Jabouri confirms to us Ambassador importance increased after the liberation forces base support

2016/7/12 20:31

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} greeted House speaker Selim Jabouri in his Office, Tuesday, us Ambassador to Iraq Stuart Jones.

Jabouri's Office said in a statement received {Euphrates news} copy of it today "during the meeting the latest developments and edits local Nineveh, Anbar and the political and security file in Baghdad and the role of the House of representatives in the next phase.

"The meeting discussed the importance of investing triumphs achieved in my forehead Mosul, Anbar, emphasizing the return of displaced persons to their areas after liberation as quickly.

The speaker stressed the "need for increased international support for the Elimination of ISIS and freeing the entire land, especially after the liberation forces air base which is considered the beginning of the liberation of the city of Mosul, which represent the last bastion of ISIS in the country, in addition to relief and humanitarian file support and stand with Iraq for reconstruction and stability of the liberated areas".

Military information cell was announced last Saturday that security forces air forces base South of Mosul, incurring losses in terrorist Islamic State bands and equipment., stating that "the security forces in counterterrorism and driving armored Infantry Brigade ninth ninety-second {int Brigade} earlier carried out an attack on a base of two forces and managed to aldaashi the enemy suffered heavy losses in lives and equipment and control over the base.