Parliamentary power renews its lack of dependence on oil as a resource for State and alternatives about.

2016/7/12 12:58

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}, new oil and Energy Committee Chairman, on Tuesday Erez parliamentary invitation to not rely on oil as a resource for State and resorting to other resources such as agriculture, industry and mining.

Abdullah said in a statement today, {Euphrates news} that "low oil prices affecting the economy of the country being totally depends on imports and therefore any reduction will take on the country's economy.
"The increase in production is a means to revive the country's economy, but to the extent possible and specific energies", but that "we should think about a radical and comprehensive solution and lack of dependence on oil and create alternatives or other revenue sources as reliance on agriculture, industry and other minerals.

The head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council Ammar Hakim has called on more than one occasion the need to activate the role of the private sector and the investment side realistically, pointing out the importance of taking advantage of the economic slide, in order to expedite the submission of projects that serve the citizen