Exchange: stop trading 20 joint-stock company

7/13/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Mustafa al-Hashemi
It instructed the Securities Commission to stock Disable it trading of shares of 20 local company for not honoring the requirements of the financial disclosure and provide the Board with financial statements for the first quarter of the year Alhala.ozkrt body that there are a number of companies within the hot spots, calling heads of boards of management to provide disclosure about the situation overall for those companies for the purpose of continuing to trade its shares on the Iraq Stock Exchange.

The importance of experts confirms that offers companies listed in the Iraq Stock Exchange corporate disclosure early for annual financial statements during the period not to exceed 45 days from the end of the fiscal year include « the balance sheet and reveal the profit and loss account and disclosed Cash Flow» as well as the annual disclosure of all Khovatha as well as the disclosure of the quarterly according Toukatadth and accountability of the board of directors and executive management in the event of non - compliance with the deadlines.

brings together specialists on securities on the need for greater transparency to market signals by forcing companies to provide disclosure to reflect the real situation on the size of the sharp decline in prices and accurate market index Aleoma.otsay Iraq Stock Exchange to strengthen its role in the national economy and provide support to invest indirectly through a contract aimed at the convergence of views between the companies and entities sectoral with Alaqh.omn scheduled workshops that regulates the stock market, an extended workshop at the twenty - third of this month to discuss opportunities to enhance investment in securities attract .

A source in the market in an earlier statement «morning» that the workshop will be held under the slogan « the role of the rules of corporate governance of joint stock companies and disclosure to attract and promote investment and trading securities», is scheduled to witness the presence of the interaction of a number of sectoral bodies.

And academics , economists and specialists in Iraqi universities, along with economic organizations and those interested in economic affairs, especially after a formal invitation to Hm.ocd source said that the workshop comes within the Iraq Stock Exchange plan to deploy investment attraction factors his culture, explaining that the workshop will discuss the two axes first looking importance the issuance of rules of corporate governance of joint stock companies and their role in attracting investment securities, adding that the second axis will discuss the annual disclosure of corporate indicators.