Find a trench for "Daash" Includes clothes and gold jewelry northern Ramadi

The commander of the Anbar Operations Maj . Gen. Ismail Mahlawi, Tuesday, about finding a trench for "Daash" Includes clothes golden northern Ramadi and jewelry.
He Mahlawi in an interview, " The strength of the Brigade 40 Division X has managed the day, find a ditch along the 6 kilometers, in the village of Tarrah north of the city of Ramadi , " noting that " the trench containing clothes and food and went and motorcycles."
He Mahlawi, that "another force of army infantry brigade belonging to the 32 eighth band managed to find a number of improvised explosive devices and four 120 - mm mortar rounds, and in large numbers , heaters contain a substance CIA once Allabsp number 5 in the west of Fallujah area."