Legal representative: a general amnesty of the Federal Court Act and spearheading the work of parliament
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said in the parliamentary legal committee member, said on Monday that " a legal amnesty Federal Court spearheading the work of parliament this week.
And the sound Shawki told all of Iraq [where] announced today that " the next legislative term of the House of Representatives will witness a qualitative leap in the legislation of laws and to hold corrupt and questioning a lot of leaders , whether governmental or even security as well as important laws such as the Federal Court Act, amnesty and other laws of the task will be legislation . "
He added that " the most important current laws , which reached the stage of voting is the Federal Court Act and supervise the judicial and public prosecution and the judiciary , "he said , adding that" the parliament sessions this week will discuss the legal amnesty of the Federal Court, as well as a breach of security and reforms. "
It is expected to be held House of Representatives its first meeting in the new legislative term on Tuesday.