Detained 25 suspects criminal and terrorist crimes in Basra

Police Directorate in Basra announced the implementation of a raid and search operations in different parts of the province resulted in the arrest of 23 accused of criminal offenses, in addition to the two wanted men in accordance with Article IV of the Anti - Terrorism Act.
According to the directorate said in a statement, that "wanted according to Article IV of the anti - terrorism law has been arrested in the district of Zubayr, was also arrested 23 accused various criminal offenses, "indicating that " the defendants have been arrested in the light of what the Directorate of an intensive campaign and wide it covered different areas of the province. "
She drew the Directorate within the statement that "Among those arrested were charged with murder , was arrested in the hand , whey, he was also arrested two accused of murder in Albradaah area, and in the Hamdan area have been arrested accused of a fourth murder , " adding that " the two accused of theft have been arrested them in the stronghold region and seized possession of two rifles of the type (AK), and in terms of Hartha been arrested another accused of theft and adjust the pistol of the type (Maikarov) in his possession. "