Labor determines the end of this month for the disbursement of subsidies and social protection network

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, on Monday, the end of this month as the deadline for the disbursement of the second installment of the subsidies covered by the protection network for three months after securing the necessary financial amounts.
He said ministry spokesman Amar Menem, said that "continuous coordination with the Ministry of Finance, yielded obtaining approval to secure the necessary funds for the disbursement of the second installment of the social subsidies amounting to 160 billion dinars, for the months of April and May and June and all covered by the men and women in Baghdad and all the provinces except the Kurdistan region. "
He attributed the delay in payment for more than a month, to "the lack of sufficient funds to cover the subsidies," stressing "the launch of the subsidy end of this month."
Clearly Menem, that "the number of those who launch them relief, amounted to 45 thousand and 559 beneficiaries in Baghdad and the provinces, of whom 20 thousand and 29 male category, and 25 thousand and 530 women category," pointing to "the lack of an increase in the amounts of subsidy, that is, they will be spent, according to the old Law on protection and is not new because of the lack of completion of the new comprehensive mechanisms, according to the poverty line. "
He stressed Menem, "the ministry continued its efforts to complete the procedures for redeploy amount after the completion of special financial transfer from the Central Bank of red tape, through the General Administration of the Rafidain Bank branch and then the Ministry of Labour and the end of the deportation amounts to the beneficiary smart cards outlets."
He pointed out that "these steps require a week to ten days in normal circumstances, but the launch of the amounts by financial coincided with the holiday-day Eid al-Fitr granted by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on Saturday and Sunday, as well as the annual inventory of banks which is usually the end of June, all this led to a delay in its launch. "