Putin will hold a meeting "secret" Patriarch Kirill

Russian media reported that President Vladimir Putin went unannounced visit to the former Falam Island, where he will meet Patriarch Kirill , head of the Russian Orthodox Church.
It is located in Falam island famous monastery, a constituent back to the late atheist century transformed over time into one of the main spiritual centers of the Russian state.
At a time when the Russian Church officially confirmed the visit of Patriarch Kirill to the Monastery of the Transfiguration in Falam, the Kremlin did not mention anything about Putin went to this island in Lake Ladoga Republic of Karelia.
According to local media in the Republic of Karelia Putin access to Falam on Sunday , July 10, adding that his visit will last two days, during which he will meet with the President of the Church and will visit the monastery.
The media reported that the national guard also Authority ordered the closure of the airspace over Leningrad Province and part of the airspace above the Republic of Karelia in front of private jets starting on July 8.
It is noteworthy that Putin 's visit to this island , which is encircled by winter ice and windswept waves at all times, comes a month after his visit to Mount Athos "castle ascetic" in Greece.
But after his visit to Athos received with great interest by the Russian media and the West, it seems that Putin preferred to spend his holiday in this old monastery amid the scenic nature of the North Island, away from the eyes of journalists.