Tragedy unites Karrada Parliament .. and blocs to confirm participation without preconditions

7/10/2016 21:01

BAGHDAD / Wael blessing

Without the need for an agreement or dialogues, during the legislative recess parliamentary blocs find themselves forced to attend a parliamentary session scheduled on Tuesday due to security implications caused by the bombings and the country of Karrada.

Political forces and stresses that the security file will be high on the first day's discussions in Parliament after more than two months break, after the storming of supporters of the Sadrist movement Council building the end of last April.

The President of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, on Sunday, that's Karrada incident will be on top of Tuesday's session agenda.
He said Imad al-Khafaji, a spokesman for the speaker of parliament, said that "the Karrada incident will be at the head of the parliamentary session to be held next Tuesday's agenda."

He said al-Khafaji, in a press statement seen by (range), "The President of the Council, Salim al-face insert a paragraph discussing what happened in the Karrada and its repercussions on the security situation, to have the Council's position and clear resolution on the investigation to the crime, damages and compensation necessary for the families of the martyrs and the wounded". Before Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi resignation of Interior Minister Mohamed Ghaban after Karada attack, which killed 250 people, at least in Baghdad last Sunday.

And gave Ghaban his resignation on Tuesday, speaking about the glitch in the security system in Baghdad, demanding the powers of a broader Masth.oothar blasting a wave of anger among Iraqis, who have accused the government of failing in its duty to Hamaithm.okan Abadi announced change security measures after the bloody bombings, planned to raise explosives detection devices, which taints its controversial Kber.kma bombing of Karrada that the Prime Minister issued an order exempting the commander of Baghdad operations Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir al-Shammari and officials of the security and intelligence services in the capital.

The Committee of the Parliamentary Security and Defense has announced that, beginning this July, all complemented by a request to question ministers and security leaders, is supposed to provide in the first session of the third legislative term.

Then the Commission stressed the need to uncover the reasons for the "security failure" and hold negligent, as commander of the armed forces, Haider al-Abadi called for the restructuring of the security services, information and intelligence, and intelligence.

Karrada topping scene

But MP Ammar Tohme, a member of the security committee in parliament and the prime virtue parliamentary bloc, ruled out at this time questioning the prime minister and some officials in the Karrada incident.

He said Tohme, in connection with the (range), "The next session of parliament will discuss the security breaches in Karrada, and the attack on the shrine of Mr. Mohammed in the country."

He added Prime Virtue bloc "The council will achieve the reasons for failure in these incidents before deciding questioning officials "he said, adding that the parliament session will discuss the" victories in Fallujah and Qayyarah ".oahdd prime virtue bloc in the House of Representatives that" the time has come to put aside their differences between the political blocs and the adoption of a single speech, against the enemy and expose him. "

As MP Ammar Tohme all political forces that "working on marketing the sufferings of Iraqis in international forums and revitalize the Iraqi Aldoblomaseh to pressure the international community in order to dry up the sources of terrorism."

He noted a member of the security committee said "some countries have helped the media and financially to take care of some terrorist groups," he said, "It's time to bear these countries responsible for what is happening in Iraq because of that support."

Who is the alternative Ghaban?

And about a week after the resignation of Interior Minister spin speculation about the possible replacement, after the Prime Minister announced his acceptance of the resignation of Ghabban.

In this context likely Tohme said, "The Council of Representatives should examine the legal aspects of the resignation of Interior Minister Mohamed Ghaban before talking about his replacement," Prime hired by virtue .ooqr difficult to predict alternative personality for Ghaban or replace the mechanism, if it was in accordance with the "quotas" or by choosing Independent personal.

He said deputies, recently, that the alternative to the interior minister resigned choose is a real test of the seriousness of the reforms he is talking about the Prime Minister.

They also called for the selection of a replacement for Ghaban professional character and national Mstqlh.lkn Badr bloc, which belongs Ghabban, it says it is trying to restore the interior minister to his post, saying it would nominate an alternative Ghaban in the case failed to return to office.

Deputies said the Badr bloc, in a press statement, that the interior minister resigned without reference to the Bloc leader Hadi al-Amiri.

MPs Badr bloc stressed that the last has a lot of characters to take over the ministry and continue what was started by the Ghabban, if it does not succeed it back to the ministry's efforts.

The interior minister resigned Mohammed Ghaban accused Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to "distortion of facts" linking the reasons for his resignation blew the Karrada district, saying that the measure comes to blame him, and be held responsible for is responsible for the failure of the UN Security Administration and the state for himself and the commander of Baghdad operations, which share responsibility with him the procedural and field level.

Surprises reform front

And the first of the new legislative term sessions, MP Nazem al-Saadi, a member of the reform front, says that "the political blocs have not agreed to attend the meetings, but everyone will attend to discuss the security breaches."

This prompted some lawmakers Liberal bloc, which is boycotting parliament three months ago, to confirm the presence of the meeting "to discuss the tragedy of Karrada."

Saadi asserts that "the reform front" waiting for the parliamentary sessions again to announce "its reform program," and decide on requests by some political blocs that have requested to join it.

A member of the Front for Reform received, during the past few days, the requests of important blocks to join them, but we have decided to postpone it until the announcement reform program in the first session of parliament in the new legislative term.

And overturned the Federal Court, the end of last June, the two sessions of the parliament meetings, in April, in what was described cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, the decision as "strange and surprising".

Sadr said, in answer to the position of the Federal Court decision, said that "this decision behind the political issues behind them some of the beneficiaries of corruption and corrupt and lovers of the third term."

He said al-Sadr that the sufficiency of the five ministers out of the question, calling on the government to complete the reforms as soon as stressing by saying that "all prospective for that." The MP Majid al-Gharawi, a member of the Liberal bloc, has revealed (range), recently, he said his bloc "is locked and meetings dialogues with parties close to his movement to form an opposition front to the dismissal of the three presidencies."

The Liberal bloc in line with the position of the chest demanding the Iraqi government to resign, threatening to join the voices demanding the resignation of the three presidencies.