Abadi: This year the elimination of corruption , the ministry will pursue corrupt wherever

Saturday, July 9, 2016 - 7:58

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stressed the need to eliminate corruption in the Interior Ministry.

A statement by the Prime Minister's Office, said the Al-Abbadi stressed "During the meeting, the day on Friday, agents and officials of the security services, the Interior Ministry to make efforts in order that this year be a year to eradicate corruption in the Interior Ministry and the corrupt will not make him feel comfortable and safe and Senlahakh wherever he is, "stressing" the need for emphasis on national safety measures in the markets and buildings. "

He also stressed "the need to intensify the efforts by the Ministry of the Interior in order to provide security for citizens and expose the criminals and eliminate terrorist cells and the fight against criminal and economic crimes," noting that "the Interior Ministry's top government interface comes into contact with the citizen and therefore should provide him with the best services through the development of these services and simplification of procedures. "

The prime minister added that "In spite of the Interior Ministry's mission is to Homeland Security, but it bore the additional role represents fight militarily terrorism, and that it must achieve superior qualitative him, and that the Interior Ministry is for all citizens and must be far away from partisanship and politicization, and that the Minister of the Interior he resigned and accepted the same day. "

The Abadi "that a gang of terrorist Daash face refracts clear after the great victory achieved by our heroine in Fallujah, where they could not even escape in the desert, so I started to resort to the style of the cowardly bombings and the targeting of citizens, to show that they still have a presence and the impact of continuing financial support for them and attract more terrorists. " "The victory that has been achieved on a gang of terrorist Daash drained all their energies and comprehensive defeat will inflict them soon and we will raise the Iraqi flag in Nineveh, as we offered in Fallujah, and that Iraq will eliminate the Daash terrorist not only in Iraq, but that this victory will spend it in the whole world." .

He said al-Abadi said "the terrorist attack in the Karrada reaction to a big victory in Fallujah, who stunned the world," adding that "there are those who traded with the blood of Iraqis for a political interest in the time that should unite it in order to face the terrorism that targets everyone."