Parliamentary security calls for a review of security plans in Baghdad

It called on the security and defense committee in Parliament, Sunday, to reconsider the security plans in charge of the military leaders in the protection of the capital Baghdad, stressing the need for negligent accounting.
The committee member said Iskandar and berries in a press statement, that " the security chiefs in Baghdad 's Karrada after the incident proved failing to protect civilians and their property from terrorist attacks , " noting that "there is a significant weakness in the performance of these devices."
He and berries, that "the general commander of the armed forces , Haider al - Abadi reconsider placed in charge of security plans and military leaders in protecting the security of the capital to avoid a repeat of the massacre."
He stressed " the need for security leaders that failed to perform its mandated tasks accounting", calling on the government to "resign and leave the place to those who can take responsibility and protect the Iraqi people