Egypt threatens to isolate Italy in response to stop the supply of spare parts for aircraft

Parliamentarians and the media close to the ruling regime in Egypt confirmed that Cairo will begin to take serious steps to isolate Italy, in response to the Italian parliament's recent decision to suspend the export of cut "F-16" fighter aircraft parts to Egypt.
She said that the Italian government is blindfolded, driven by the strength of public opinion after the angry young Italian Giulio Regina killed in Egypt, and resort to punitive measures against Cairo, without regard to what unites the two countries have common interests.
She pointed out that Rome is that you need to Cairo, and not vice versa, stressing that there are many political, security and economic issues that promote the Italian needed to Egypt.
The Italian Chamber of Deputies approved on Wednesday an earlier decision of the Senate to stop supplying Egypt cut off "F-16" fighter; aircraft parts to protest non-Egyptian cooperation with Italy in uncovering the circumstances of the student Julio Regina killed in Cairo about six months ago.