Houthis claim Sana'a Youth to fight the "Saudi Arabia"

Houthi militias roamed the parking streets of the capital Sanaa on Saturday, calling on young people to speed, "Jihad for religion against the US-Saudi-Israeli Zionist invasion," according to the claim.
According to press reports, a Yemeni, said the militia al-Huthi were stationed in cars fitted with loudspeakers votes this afternoon in the unit area near the park seventy calling on young people who are to accelerate the Jihad fronts, focusing on word boundaries against Saudi Arabia in order to defend their religion and their country by loudspeakers Huthi.
The unit area in Sana'a breather every Yemeni out to entertain what is surrounded by a garden, restaurants, parks Games.

LINK: http://www.albawaba.com/ar/أخبار/الح...ة-860300