Baghdad security announces the opening of Karrada through in the coming hours
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security committee in the Baghdad Provincial Council announced on Saturday, it will be the opening of Karrada way into downtown Baghdad in the coming hours after the use of sniffer dogs k-9.
The deputy chairman of the security committee Mohammed al - Rubaie told all of Iraq [where] that "through the Karrada will be opened today or tomorrow , Sunday after the use of dogs , k-9, adding that" the security committee is creating all things for the purpose of opening the way for the people of the area for their livelihood. "
"the physical damage to the bombing of the Karrada district estimated ten billion dinars, and that the blast , which happened."
he said al - Rubaie "there was a meeting yesterday with the Karrada residents and demanded to speed up compensation for victims of the bombing of Karrada inside."
it was a suicide bomber belonging to the guerrilla terrorist Daash detonated his car bomb in the area Baghdad 's Karrada dawn last Sunday, which resulted in the deaths of 250 people and injuring 200 others , most of them young people, according to the Ministry of Health.
and was met with blasting a wave of public outcry embodies the form of marches, activities and events commemorations in all Iraqi cities and the government announced mourning for three days, amid condemnation Arab and international denunciations.
the Minister of Interior Mohammad Al Ghabban resignation speaking about the flaw in the security system in Baghdad, and calling for wider powers for the ministry, and pre - Abadi resign.