Parliamentary services: file services a priority in the upcoming parliamentary sessions
[Where - special]
The Commission on services and investment representative, on Saturday, giving priority to file services in the next House of Representatives sessions.
According to Chairman of the Committee Nazim al - Saadi told all of Iraq [where] the day that he "will file services priority parliamentary through the new legislative term of the Council of Representatives , " adding that "the Commission plans to work with the Municipality of Baghdad in terms of strategic plans and follow - up and implementation, as well as notes that were recorded in the previous period by the Commission services, according to data that the country is experiencing an economic crisis. "
the Committee on parliamentary services, attributed the phenomenon waste spread in the provinces and cities to the lack of financial allocations, and the absence of municipal and service control.
complain citizens of the proliferation of waste in many areas in spite of the effort to play the Municipality of Baghdad and service departments in the provinces.
It is scheduled that the House of Representatives held its meeting next Tuesday after he ended the legislative recess on the first of July and the integration of vacationing with Eid al - Fitr holiday.