A member of the parliamentary Economy: not to accept the proposal [cash allowance] for the ration card
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said in the economic and investment commission parliamentary member, said the committee did not agree to a proposal to give cash instead of the citizens of the ration card items.
And Abdel - Karim al - Naqib, told all of Iraq [where] that " the subject of reconsideration ration card issue raised between now and then, and , unfortunately , so far we have not received any response, despite the fact that there are many solutions developed especially" wildcard cash. "
He said the captain, that "what is happening from the reluctance in many cases , the delay in the distribution of the ration card items or manipulate share fully placed before the committee Commission 's proposal to provide cash instead of the citizen to buy the ration card items, but did not notice regrettably acceptance of this proposal."
he was a member of the Committee on economy and investment parliamentary Abdul - Karim al - Naqib said in an earlier statement [where], that he "will be reviewed delay distribution of the ration card items at the beginning of the new legislative term of the parliament."
observers believe that "the Ministry of Commerce lagged so much in the distribution of the ration card items during the month of Ramadan."
the Ministry of Commerce announced earlier it was on alert to deal with any delay occurs in the distribution of the ration card items in all provinces in the country.
as the Ministry of Commerce attributed the instability of the processing of the ration card items for the displaced lack of financial allocations to the impact of the financial crisis in the country. http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=42679