Fallujah, the capital of the arms industry for "Daash"

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The newspaper "Le Figaro" published a report on the French view that the city of Fallujah, turned over two and a half from the control of "Daash" on them, to the capital of the weapon industry regulation.
According to the newspaper, the terrorist organization was established in Fallujah alone, 14 plants small arms, some of the houses and other mosques near or even inside hospitals. Also it showed a document for "Daash", that in December / December 2015, tested the organization successfully making three "Grad" missiles and missile "Open", and between February and early March / March 2016 late, produced extremists 15 "open" missile , has also been making about 2,500 rocket-propelled grenade between September / September 2015 and May / May 2016 an average of 10 rounds per day. According to "Le Figaro" in its report, citing US arms conflict research organization, that Turkey has become a rear base for the manufacture of weapons Daash, A company that buys them organized through intermediaries may detonation cord and even fertilizers and container-based Turkey also buys ammonium nitrate through its branch located in the Chinese company Turkey, but the production organization of the weapon was not confined to Fallujah, but extended to Tikrit, Ramadi and south of Baghdad, and even appointed Arab (Kobani) in Soeria.anthy