Coalition aircraft carried out raids on various locations controlled by Houthis

Arab airline alliance bombed Houthi positions in Taiz, Yemen

Roudao - Erbil
According to sources from the loyal forces Yemeni President, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, that " the Arab coalition warplanes launched, on Friday evening, a series of air raids on various locations controlled by Houthis and military forces loyal to the former president , Ali Abdullah Saleh , in Taiz governorate."
The sources added that "the raids coincided with the outbreak of violent clashes between Hadi forces on the one hand, and Huthi forces favor the other hand, after the attacks on the Houthis resistance sites east and west of the city of Taiz."
Noting that "strikes targeted weapons and Houthi positions and favor store in the city of Mokha, and the new headquarters of the quarry in exchange for air defense."
Also it made it clear that "armed reinforcements arrived for the Houthis and Saleh forces west of the city, to try to regain control of the headquarters of Brigade 35 forces."
While sources denied "controlled by rebels and the forces in favor of the brigade headquarters 35 so far, stressing Hadi forces respond to attempts to offer rebels" in.