Anbar Operations announces the killing of 650 "Daasha" within three weeks

Special - balances News
The commander of the Anbar Operations Maj. Gen. Ismail Mahlawi, Saturday, for the murder of "650" an element of Daash terrorist gangs in the past three weeks in the north of the city of Ramadi areas, while noting Khalidiya Island will be the final stage of editing operations. He Mahlawi's / balances News /, that "military operations fully completed in the definitive band 16 after the liberation of areas Znkurh and Rolling and Albu Risha north of the city of Ramadi," adding, "it was the elimination of all" Daash "terrorist gangs that have infiltrated across the river." He added that "in three weeks, was killed more than" 650 "of the armed organization" Daash "terrorist, mostly foreigners." He pointed out that "not only left Khalidiya Island to be the final stage of editing operations in Anbar." And military units engaged in fierce battles in different parts of Anbar province, to release it from "Daash" terrorist gangs. It ended 29/4 e