Central adviser: Reserve stable at 53 billion and Okhov the dinar
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} central bank adviser Walid Idi, said a stable bank reserves at 53 billion dollars.
He said Idi told {Euphrates News} " The Reserve last year stable at 53 billion dollars , " noting that " the Bank 's policy is conservative , a balance between price and maintain the reserves," he said . " There is no fear on the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar."
He added " the central bank has worked hard to stabilize the exchange rate , " pointing "in 2003 was the dollar equivalent of 2500 dinars, and the Bank 's work on reduced in stages until he settled and select the purchase price of the banks as well as to determine the selling price with the exception of some cases."
and out Britain from the European Union and its impact on the Iraqi economy, said bank adviser, "we do not have investments in the British currency is very simple and its impact, as we do not have an economic relationship with Britain , but in respect of some oil equipment."
He added that " the Iraqi market closed and no international so is not affected by the exit of Britain from the EU. "
The central bank adviser told {Euphrates News} that" more than $ 50 billion in addition to also gone of inventories value {Central Bank reserves}, this covers imports over the period prescribed internationally recognized " .
parliamentary Finance Committee and was, she saw that the decline in central bank sales of the dollar leads to rise against the Iraqi dinar, according to committee member Sirhan Ahmed, adding that, " the lack of the required dollar supply from the central bank is the main reason for higher dollar exchange rate , " stressing that " the rise the dollar against the Iraqi dinar would negatively affect the Iraqi economy. "
mentions that, a source at the Central Bank revealed in 19 of last May, for {Euphrates News}, depriving a number of financial companies to participate in the bank 's auction for the sale of foreign currency; and to dealing with gangs Daash, and funding.
" the bank 's actions in the recent period with banks, companies and banking, financial and conversion become severe in terms of sanctions, which include the denial of entry of an auction of foreign currency sale for a month with the approval of the governor, which affects the sales of the bank, as there became a shortage, lack of corporate income to the auction leads to a lack of width dollar. "
the source added , " have been deprived of many companies to participate in the auction, based on the penalties to be applied from the central bank; for violating the directive, as there are companies dealing with Daash according to what came to us of information, it has been deprived of the auction until further notice, pending verification of not dealing with Daash in funding be returned to the auction , ".anthy 1 http://alforatnews.com/modules/news/...storyid=121646