Adham Barzani

After 30 attacks .. Barzani: If the EU is unable to protect our headquarters in Sulaimaniya, so we'll do the

Twilight News / Kurdistan Democratic Leadership Council official in Sulaimaniya Adham Barzani province, said the security services if you can not protect the headquarters of his party, the Democrats will protect himself, after repeated exposure the headquarters of gunshots by unknown and not the arrest of one of those involved in the attacks. The Democratic leadership of the Kurdistan Council headquarters in Sulaimaniya had been Tuesday night to gunshots Mjhoen by gunmen traveling in a civilian car, and the attack resulted in the injury of one headquarters guards and the attackers fled to an unknown destination. According Adham Barzani's remarks, the attack is the thirtieth of its kind in the attack against the headquarters of his party in Sulaimaniya, pointing out that the security officials in the province did not provide any clarification on the investigations and follow-ups on those conducted by the attacks. He added that any of the parties in the city or the security officials did not declare their condemnation of the attacks, noting that these actions will have a bad effect on the atmosphere of reconciliation sought by the Democratic Party in the province of Kurdistan. Barzani said he does not want to say that what is happening is a weakness in the security services, adding if it was not so, what can be said about it? He added that there is a military principle says that if he had been Mqratk to attack for the first time will probably not be the security official is who bears responsibility for it might be the enemy has found a loophole to the exploit, but he also said that if this happened again, it must be the security official trial of a military trial. He called Barzani of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan party, being in control of the security side of the city that gives clarification in this regard. Barzani said he telephoned the political bureau of the Patriotic Union, pointing out that his party holds the responsibility to protect the security of its headquarters on the National Union. He also noted that disclosure of those responsible for the Alahjma an important issue for his party, stressing that the security forces uncover the circumstances of these attacks him and the public. And on the Democratic accused of orchestrating these events, Barzani said he hopes the security services to arrest people implementing the scenario detection and public opinion, adding that these charges are illegal. Barzani that security and stability as added responsibility of the security forces and if they can not protect security, there is no need to be self-reliant in protecting the Democratic headquarters. And on the political crisis in the region, Barzani know that this crisis artificial and if the political parties did not respond to the appeal of the region's president, Massoud Barzani, the crisis will not find the solution in any way.