Parliament rapporteur calls Abadi accepting the resignation Ghaban and prepared "not exempt" from the accounting
Long-Presse / Baghdad
Demanded the decision of Parliament Imad Youkhana, on Thursday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi accepting the resignation of Interior Minister Mohammad Al Ghabban, and with the exception that "resignation is not exempt from accountability", as demanded by choosing an independent minister with experience, political parties called for a "no defense for losers Minister ".
Yuha said in a statement received (range Press), a copy of it, that "the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to accept the resignation of Interior Minister Mohamed Ghabban," returned to "Resignation does not exempt from accountability."
He called Youkhana, "choose the minister an experienced and independent," praising "the decision Ghaban to resign, as a step in the right direction and reflect the possession of the latter culture of resignation, having failed to address the responsibility," calling on all other political parties "not to defend the losers ministers who did not provide any service to the citizen. "
The Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban, announced in the July 5, 2016, to submit his resignation to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the condition of the reform of the security apparatus of the irreversible, as administrative agent authorized the receipt of his duties, he warned of a repeat of security breaches in the event of survival, "the political intersections."
It came the resignation of Interior Minister Mohamed Ghaban two days after the bombing, which witnessed the Karrada district of central Baghdad, and killed hundreds of victims, which sparked a wave of public anger large owner condemnation and a wide condemnation from home and abroad.