Parliamentary demanding financial decision to activate the return of smuggled money and says it has millions of dollars

Publishing Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2016 11:53:39 | Views: 24
Bgdad_abar today

Student member of the parliamentary finance committee, Ahmed Sarhan, the Iraqi government to activate the decision to return the money smuggled underlined it millions of dollars.

Ahmed said in a statement singled out by the agency news of the day on Thursday that "there is a resolution passed by the House of Representatives resolution called for the formation of a committee to re-smuggled money out of Iraq, and Parliament voted on this resolution, but will not do this resolution and formed a committee, but the committee did not dwell move so far." noting that "no one performs this decision and the government to Atnvzh present time because of the existence of quotas for the expansion of positions and he's just ink on paper is not useless."

The MP said "smuggled money if she would be a quantum leap in the Iraqi economy will be the budget paid for the year 2016", stressing that "the money smuggled out of Iraq can not be underestimated and this whole dollars billions of money," and wondered who will say to activate the refund and what the mechanism of activation of the return of the money. "

And it demanded the Iraqi government to activate the decision to return the money smuggled and implemented as soon and a full statistics on smuggled goods and figures pertaining to these funds, adding that "Iraqi politicians know who fled the money and where is it?".

The House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the face in the February 22, to form a higher committee takes a two vice presidents, management and membership of committees of integrity, financial and legal foreign, security and defense and accountability, justice and relations, holds the prosecution and the recovery of smuggled money and a hearing with the executive bodies competent sessions, considering the subject tasks one of the priorities of the Council of Representatives in the next phase.