Iraqi army kills 85 terrorists from al Daash

The leadership of Iraqi military operations in Anbar yesterday announced the elimination of 76 of the terrorist organization "Daash" terrorist during the liberation northwest Znkurh gray area in Anbar province operations during the military operations carried out by Iraqi forces.
Nine of the terrorists "Daash" also killed aerial bombardment targeted a gathering of them western Anbar.
Meanwhile news agency quoted Iraqi / INA / security source in the leadership of the island operations as saying that "the Iraqi air force bombed a gathering to organize Daash terrorist and thwarted their progress toward Haditha District to launch an attack on the military units stationed in the region," adding that he was to foil the attack until before the arrival of terrorists to the limits of Haditha District after receiving accurate intelligence.
The Iraqi forces foiled an attack the day before yesterday to organize "Daash" terrorist car bombs before they reach their targets northern Salahuddin province, and sentenced to 72 terrorists.