The International Energy: the world economy depends on oil the most important Arab Iraq and Saudi Arabia

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Fatih Birol, head of the International Energy Agency "IEA", announced on Thursday that the global economy's dependence on Middle East oil is increasing.
Birol emphasized, that although the Petroleum Exporting Countries failed to agree on a freeze of production, or find a plan that contribute to the return of stability crude prices low, but that did not reduce the demand for Middle East oil states.
According to the head of the agency, both Saudi Arabia and Iraq possess a greater share in the oil market between the countries of the region. He pointed out that the demand for Nafthma outstrips supply, and on the back of decline in production in Brazil, the United States, Canada, due to lower crude oil prices in global markets.
Birol said in an interview with the newspaper "Financial Times": "The Middle East is the primary source ... the greater the demand ... increased import rose by oil-consuming countries."
Producing Middle East countries are currently 34% of the world's oil. While estimates of the International Energy Agency that the average production volume in these countries is about 31 million barrels a day.
This is the highest number since 1975, when he was representing 36% of the production Alaalmi.anthy